$21 A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen Electronics Computers Accessories A-MIND,Electronics , Computers Accessories,ipad,iPad,A2198,Screen,A2197,/Landsturm1769039.html,10.2",A2200,for,femsfeestje.nl,Touch,$21,7,2019 A-MIND,Electronics , Computers Accessories,ipad,iPad,A2198,Screen,A2197,/Landsturm1769039.html,10.2",A2200,for,femsfeestje.nl,Touch,$21,7,2019 A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" Screen Touch A2197 A2198 A2200 famous A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" Screen Touch A2197 A2198 A2200 famous $21 A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen Electronics Computers Accessories

A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2

A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen


A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen

Product description


If you need a complete repair guide for your ipad screen, please let me know and we can send it to you!

Please Note:
◆ This product does not come with a manual, so please see the replacement procedure on Youtube etc. before replacing.
◆ Mounting requires some knowledge and technique, so if you are an amateur, it is better to ask a professional business.
◆ If you find a problem after installing the product, it is a little troublesome to deal with it, so please test it after receiving the product.
If there is no problem after testing, then can start to attach it to the main body.
◆Only the touch panel does not have a liquid crystal panel.
※It is used for repair when "outer plate, touch screen, display plate is broken, but inner plate and liquid crystal panel have no problem".
◆ We are not responsible for any damages or malfunctions caused by incorrect installation work. Please use at your own risk.
◆ The screen replacement parts are very fragile products.Be carefully and kindly when opened and installed.
Do not put pressure on the corners of the screen. Pressure will damage the panel!
◆ Since this product is an imported product, it may have slight stains. Please note.
◆ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Package contents
1 * For iPad 7 iPad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen (No Home button) (without lcd)
1 * Screen protector
1 * 3mm double sided tape
1 * Repair tool kits

After-sales service
For non-human product damage, we offer a free replacement for 6 months.
We are not responsible for any damage or trouble caused by installation error.
If you need further assistance with your issue, please email our service team. We will do our best to provide quality service.

A-MIND for iPad 7 ipad 2019 10.2" A2197 A2198 A2200 Touch Screen

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