/Landsturm1769239.html,Metallic,$40,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,Tempera,Pai,144ct.,Art,Fluorescent,femsfeestje.nl,Sargent,and,93-2106, $40 Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Pai Toys Games Arts Crafts Sargent Art 93-2106 144ct. Fluorescent Pai and Metallic Max 54% OFF Tempera Sargent Art 93-2106 144ct. Fluorescent Pai and Metallic Max 54% OFF Tempera /Landsturm1769239.html,Metallic,$40,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,Tempera,Pai,144ct.,Art,Fluorescent,femsfeestje.nl,Sargent,and,93-2106, $40 Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Pai Toys Games Arts Crafts

Sargent Art 93-2106 144ct. Fluorescent Pai and Metallic Max 54% OFF Charlotte Mall Tempera

Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Pai


Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Pai

Product description

Our tempera paint sticks glide as smooth as silk, and the small round barrel is easy for kids to hold. Creating artistic masterpieces has never been so easy and convenient; and because Sargent Art Paint Sticks are so easy to use, your kids can create colourful works of art on paper, canvas, or any number of surfaces! Take action and get yours now! This classroom box has 144 tempera paint sticks total, 72 Fluorescent and 72 Metallic tempera sticks in 6 different colours each: Metallic - Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, Green, amp; Purple. Fluorescent - Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, amp; Purple

From the manufacturer

Sargent Art 93-2102 Fluorescent Tempera Paint Sticks, 6 Colors Sargent Art 93-2103 Metallic Tempera Paint Sticks, 6 Colors Sargent Art 93-2107 Tempera Paint Sticks 24 Count Sargent Art 93-2100 144 Assorted Tempera Paint Sticks Classroom Set Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Paint Sticks
Number of Sticks 6 6 24 144 144
Educator Preferred
Includes Metallic
Includes Neon

Sargent Art 93-2106, 144ct. Fluorescent and Metallic Tempera Pai

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