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Laptop Brand Cheap Sale Venue for MacBook Air 13 Inch Hard Case Sunflower Outlet ☆ Free Shipping Sh 2010-2017

Laptop for MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2010-2017, Sunflower Hard Sh


Laptop for MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2010-2017, Sunflower Hard Sh


Product Description


Founded in 2008, VAESIDA is a brand dedicated to providing you with latest fashion trends and top quality MacBook protective cases, to create products that inspire people exploring, creating, and living life in the moment, so that you can enjoy your life more stylish and easier.

We will repair or replace your product if it is found to have manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship within one year of your purchase



Providing 15+ Styles

Your nice personal touch work from thousands of patterns on VAESIDA Cases while without harming for your MacBook. Outstanding soft-touch with ultra-thin design, fits for MacBook perfectly. Hoping it will bring you a good mood for the day!


  • Please check the model number "Axxxx" on the back of the macbook before purchasing.
  • NO Cut Out amp; Cut Out design, Both Apple Logo shines through the case design.

Great Gift Choice

  • Suitable for daily use, perfects for business traveling, college students and outdoor activities in daily life.
  • Great value gifts for those who go to school, travel or work.





Fully Access to All Feature

  • Disassemble Easily. Two pieces of durable polycarbonate covers.
  • Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case.
  • It will not bother you when you use your computer, improve your work experinece and efficiency when using your computer.




Laptop for MacBook Air 13 Inch Case 2010-2017, Sunflower Hard Sh

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