femsfeestje.nl,Schmidt,Animals,Toys Games , Puzzles,Hole,58356,Watering,(1000,The,Puzzle,Jigsaw,P,at,/Landsturm1837739.html,$25 $25 Schmidt 58356 Animals at The Watering Hole Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 P Toys Games Puzzles Schmidt 58356 Animals at Super intense SALE The Watering 1000 P Puzzle Hole Jigsaw $25 Schmidt 58356 Animals at The Watering Hole Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 P Toys Games Puzzles femsfeestje.nl,Schmidt,Animals,Toys Games , Puzzles,Hole,58356,Watering,(1000,The,Puzzle,Jigsaw,P,at,/Landsturm1837739.html,$25 Schmidt 58356 Animals at Super intense SALE The Watering 1000 P Puzzle Hole Jigsaw

New sales Schmidt 58356 Animals at Super intense SALE The Watering 1000 P Puzzle Hole Jigsaw

Schmidt 58356 Animals at The Watering Hole Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 P


Schmidt 58356 Animals at The Watering Hole Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 P

Product description

Features a beautiful image of some of your favourite safari animals which any puzzler and interest which any puzzler will find an enjoyable challenge. The completed puzzle measures: 693 mm x 493 mm.

Manufactured to Schmidt’s Premium Quality 6 Star-Quality. The 6 unique advantages are:

1. Great variety of forms thanks to individually shaped pieces

2. Perfect cohesion thanks to specially-developed cardboard which is 2.25 mm thick

3. Perfect accuracy of fit thinks to an especially fine punching knife

4. Special matt varnish for jigsaw puzzles without reflections

5. Linen structure

6. Exclusive design

Combined, the quality and fit of Schmidt’s six-star quality means that a 1,000 piece puzzle can be lifted up vertically once complete without the need of any puzzle conserver making this jigsaw a satisfying experience for any puzzle lover.

Schmidt 58356 Animals at The Watering Hole Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 P

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