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In a popularity ECCO Women's Ukiuk 2.0 Hydromax Boot Snow Recommended High

ECCO Women's Ukiuk 2.0 Hydromax High Snow Boot


ECCO Women's Ukiuk 2.0 Hydromax High Snow Boot

Product description

A contemporary high-cut winter boot with feminine but practical styling and features. The hydromax treated leathers and warmed lined with revolutionary prim aloft 200G microfiber insulation will keep feet warm, dry and comfortable. The rubber outsole provides additional grip and has great flexibility for all day use No matter what type of weather you encounter.

Una bota de invierno contemporánea de corte alto con estilo femenino pero práctico y características. Las pieles tratadas Hydromax y calentadas forradas con revolucionario aislamiento de microfibra Prim Aloft 200G mantendrán los pies cálidos, secos y cómodos. La suela de goma proporciona un agarre adicional y tiene una gran flexibilidad para el uso durante todo el día sin importar el tipo de clima que encuentres.

여성적이면서도 실용적인 스타일과 기능을 갖춘 현대적인 하이컷 겨울 부츠. 하이드로맥스 처리된 가죽과 혁신적인 프림 알로프트 200G 극세사 단열재로 따뜻한 안감은 발을 따뜻하고 건조하고 편안하게 유지합니다. 고무 밑창은 추가적인 그립감을 제공하며 어떤 날씨에 관계없이 하루 종일 사용할 수 있는 뛰어난 유연성을 제공합니다.

From the manufacturer

YAK Leather

The yak thrives in extreme conditions of the Tibetan Plateau. Characteristics that protect yaks from warm summers and cold winters in the mountains results in an exceptional multi-season leather. The aged, rugged appearance is emphasized by strong markings and natural characteristics, which are highly visible. Yak leather is robust and abrasion resistant yet breathable, with a soft hand feel and excellent stretch and return traits.


ECCO Women's Ukiuk 2.0 Hydromax High Snow Boot

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