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KEZiHOME Galaxy S20 4 years warranty Ultra Case Genuine RFID 70% OFF Outlet Blocking Leather

KEZiHOME Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, Genuine Leather [RFID Blocking]


KEZiHOME Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, Genuine Leather [RFID Blocking]

Product Description


This Genuine Leather Wallet Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (6.9") Only, NOT Fit Other Phones

New color matching stylish design, they look stylish, apply to various occasions.It is a perfect gift for yourself amp; your families amp; friends.

Handcrafted from Premium Genuine Leather

The Samsung S20 Ultra Wallet Case is made of top layer genuine cowhide leather. These hides are selected for quality, strength, character and unique grain. They look stylish and feel nature and soft.The fine stitching, creating a case that won't fray or pull apart over time.

Maintenance for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Leather Case

1.Keep away from high temperature, great pressure, scrape, mildew, greasy dirt, acidic and alkali compounds.

2.Keep leather dry and ventilated, Daub the leather care regularly.Avoid to be under the blazing sun for quite a long time.

3.Clean the case with a soft cotton cloth and rub gently when get dirty.

Please Note:

Please use Screen Protector Tempered Glass to protect the screen well, in case to be scratched by cards.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy S20 Wallet Case Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Wallet Case
Compatible Phone Model Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Size 6.9 inch 6.7 inch 6.2 inch 6.5 inch
Material Cowhide Genuine Leather amp; Soft TPU Cowhide Genuine Leather amp; Soft TPU Cowhide Genuine Leather amp; Soft TPU Cowhide Genuine Leather amp; Soft TPU
Card Slots
Kickstand Feature
RFID Blocking

KEZiHOME Galaxy S20 Ultra Case, Genuine Leather [RFID Blocking]

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amsterdam-rotterdam is the first european hyperloop network route
promote your own competitionwe organize international competitions and achieve record-breaking results!
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milan, new york, beijing, tokyo,  since 1999