Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Pla with Doll New sales Soccer Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Pla with Doll New sales Soccer Pla,with,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,$10,Chelsea,Adventures,/bookmark1768935.html,Doll,,6-inch,Soccer,Barbie,Dreamhouse $10 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Doll with Soccer Pla Toys Games Dolls Accessories Pla,with,Toys Games , Dolls Accessories,$10,Chelsea,Adventures,/bookmark1768935.html,Doll,,6-inch,Soccer,Barbie,Dreamhouse $10 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Doll with Soccer Pla Toys Games Dolls Accessories

Choice Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Pla with Doll New sales Soccer

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Doll with Soccer Pla


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Doll with Soccer Pla

Product description

Spark storytelling and sports-play with Barbie dolls inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures! Young imaginations can play out so many sweet stories with Chelsea and her soccer playset. Two goals, each with an adjustable scoring board, attach to a play area where she can practice and play -press down on her shoulders for "kicking" action! A set of bleachers provides seating for Chelsea doll's friends (not included) to watch and cheer her on. In a colorful soccer jersey, shorts, shin guards and shoes, Chelsea doll is ready to hit the field with her two puppy friends. With so many themed play pieces, like a ball, flags, gold medal, puppy snacks, water bottle and backpack, the storytelling possibilities are endless! With dolls inspired by Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, imaginations can peek into the everyday lives of Barbie, her sisters and their friends as they embark on exciting adventures together. Aspiring athletes will love exploring sports stories with Chelsea and her soccer playset because when a girl plays with Barbie and her sisters, she imagines everything she can become! Collect all the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures dolls and toys to recreate favorite moments or dream up adventures of your own. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

From the manufacturer

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures 6-inch Chelsea Doll with Soccer Pla

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