+Keyboard+CPU,Computer,femsfeestje.nl,Cover,,SZBRO,3,/domiciliar1810574.html,Tower,Desktop,Monitor,$7,Dust,Electronics , Computers Accessories $7 SZBRO Computer Dust Cover, Monitor +Keyboard+CPU Tower Desktop 3 Electronics Computers Accessories +Keyboard+CPU,Computer,femsfeestje.nl,Cover,,SZBRO,3,/domiciliar1810574.html,Tower,Desktop,Monitor,$7,Dust,Electronics , Computers Accessories $7 SZBRO Computer Dust Cover, Monitor +Keyboard+CPU Tower Desktop 3 Electronics Computers Accessories SZBRO Computer Dust Cover Monitor Save money Tower +Keyboard+CPU Desktop 3 SZBRO Computer Dust Cover Monitor Save money Tower +Keyboard+CPU Desktop 3

SZBRO Cheap mail order specialty store Computer Dust Cover Monitor Save money Tower +Keyboard+CPU Desktop 3

SZBRO Computer Dust Cover, Monitor +Keyboard+CPU Tower Desktop 3


SZBRO Computer Dust Cover, Monitor +Keyboard+CPU Tower Desktop 3


Product Description

Lightweight and stylish, this cover is great for keeping your device safe and clean when traveling for work or vacation, transporting your device to other places, or even to simply protect your device when not in use. This dust cover can keep your device in good function and extend its life-span.


19" Monitor Cover:49*38*7(cm)/19.2*14.9*2.7(inch)

CPU tower Cover:48*42*23(cm)/18.8*16.5*9(inch)

Keyword Cover:49*18*6(cm)/19.2*7.08*2.3(inch)

Please note:

Before you buy it, please measure your computer's size.

Package contains:

1 x 19" Monitor cover

1 x CPU Tower cover

1 x keyword cover

See though half transparent for easy inspect.
Style match in any environment, Home or Office.

Top quality with exquisite workmanship.

Easy to wash and can reuse for a long time.

Printer Dust Cover iMac Dust Cover CRT Dust Cover Monitor Dust Cover Computer CPU Tower Dust Cover Garment Clothes Bags Cover
Printer Dust Cover Dust Cover For iMac CRT Monitor Dust Cover Monitor Dust Cover Computer CPU Tower Dust Cover Garment Dust Bags Cover
Apply to: Printer iMac / All in one PC Computer CRT Monitor Computer LCD/LED Monitor Computer CPU Tower Dust Cover Garment Clothes Storage
Size Option: Various Choice Various Choice Various Choice Various Choice Various Choice Medium, Large
Bulk Option: Buy in Single Buy in Single Buy in Single Buy in Single Buy in Single 5 piece Set, 10 Piece Set

SZBRO Computer Dust Cover, Monitor +Keyboard+CPU Tower Desktop 3

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