Electronics , Accessories Supplies,for,Replacement,Aonomi,DYMO,/domiciliar1922574.html,Sh,18055,Heat,Tape,Labels,femsfeestje.nl,$13,Compatible $13 Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for DYMO 18055 Heat Sh Electronics Accessories Supplies Electronics , Accessories Supplies,for,Replacement,Aonomi,DYMO,/domiciliar1922574.html,Sh,18055,Heat,Tape,Labels,femsfeestje.nl,$13,Compatible Tulsa Mall Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for 18055 DYMO Heat Sh $13 Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for DYMO 18055 Heat Sh Electronics Accessories Supplies Tulsa Mall Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for 18055 DYMO Heat Sh

Tulsa Mall Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Now on sale Replacement for 18055 DYMO Heat Sh

Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for DYMO 18055 Heat Sh


Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for DYMO 18055 Heat Sh

Product Description


  • It is ideal for high-end cable identification, specially designed for use with DYMO Rhino Industrial label makers.
  • These 18055 labels have worked great and adhere well to the wiring when heat shrunk.
  • Flatten Polyolefin Heat Shrink markers for highest performing temperature, Heat/Cold Resistant, UV Light Resistant, Oil Resistant, Water Resistant and Chemical Resistant.
  • Black print against the white backdrop is bold and easy to read.
  • Industrial-strength adhesive to resist extreme temperatures in professional environments, they are designed specifically to meet the labeling needs of the professional user.
  • Choose compatible DYMO cable labels because of their superior quality over other more expensive labeling systems.
  • Thermal transfer printing technology, creates label text that won’t smudge, smear or fade.


  • 6mm Heat Shrink Tube: 1.18mm – 2.33mm
  • 9mm Heat Shrink Tube: 1.73mm – 3.73mm
  • 12mm Heat Shrink Tube: 2.97mm – 5.13mm
  • 19mm Heat Shrink Tube: 4.64mm – 8.70mm
  • 24mm Heat Shrink Tube: 6.00mm – 11.00mm
18051 18053 18057 18055 1805443
4 pack 18501 1/4'' heat shrink tubes 4 pack 18053 3/8'' heat shrink tubes 3 pack 18057 3/4'' heat shrink tubes 2 pack 18055 1/2'' heat shrink tubes 3 pack 1805443 1'' heat shrink tubes

Aonomi Compatible Labels Tape Replacement for DYMO 18055 Heat Sh

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