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Little Live Pets Unicorn - Butterbow


Little Live Pets Unicorn - Butterbow

Product description


Butterbow Unicorn is what every girl dreams of! This interactive Unicorn reacts to your touch! With a beautiful mane to brush and a horn that lights up, this amazing Unicorn reacts to your touch and nuzzles up to you.

From the manufacturer

About us

At Moose Toys, we’re all about the Superhappy; the ‘WOW I love this’, the ‘OMG I can’t believe it!’ feeling that only toys can create. We put the extraordinary into everything we do.

We shook up the industry with Mighty Beanz and Shopkins. These tiny little characters have made kids Superhappy all over the world and changed the way they think about playing.

Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia (and has recently been named one of the coolest office spaces in Melbourne but we’ve got teams in LA, UK, France, China, and Hong Kong.

Little Live Pets Unicorn - Butterbow

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