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cheap OMYSTYLE Weighted Blanket 10lbs for Sale SALE% OFF Kids and Toddlers 41

OMYSTYLE Weighted Blanket 10lbs for Kids and Toddlers(41"x60"),


OMYSTYLE Weighted Blanket 10lbs for Kids and Toddlers(41"x60"),


Product Description


Premium reversible weighted blanket make you energetic and have a good mood everyday. Choosing the suitable heavy blanket for yourself is very important.

Fall asleep faster and enjoy a sound sleep after a long working day with OMYSTYLE weighted blanket! Refresh yourself with deep rest.

OMYSTYLE Cooling amp; Warming 2 in 1 Weighted Blanket All Season Heavy Blanket, The Best Choice for You!


  • Dual sided design: Smooth side and Velvety side give you dual comfort
  • High-density stitch (0.25 mm needle gauge) and double-thread sewing prevent the blanket from leaking glass beads
  • Lays and forms around you with even weight distribution. Smaller Pockets make sure glass beads no noise when moving the body
  • Our all-season weighted blankets are machine washable for easy care
  • 7-Layer design for most adaption to your body shape and better temperature control.
  • It comes with 8 convenient loops to secure the duvet cover, keeping the blanket clean
  • Luxurious gift bag included for easy carry amp; storage or traveling, and can also be sent as a thoughtful gift
How to choose the weight and size?
7 layers weighted blanket

OMYSTYLE Weighted Blanket 10lbs for Kids and Toddlers(41"x60"),

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