SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat for Lake RC Pool Elegant and $38 SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat RC Boat for Pool and Lake Toys Games Vehicles SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat for Lake RC Pool Elegant and Toys Games , Vehicles,$38,for,/fellowheirship1837996.html,SONIKRC,,Remote,Control,RC,VOLANTEXRC,Lake,Boat,and,Pool,Boat $38 SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat RC Boat for Pool and Lake Toys Games Vehicles Toys Games , Vehicles,$38,for,/fellowheirship1837996.html,SONIKRC,,Remote,Control,RC,VOLANTEXRC,Lake,Boat,and,Pool,Boat

Ranking integrated 1st place SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat for Lake RC Pool Elegant and

SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat RC Boat for Pool and Lake


SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat RC Boat for Pool and Lake


Product Description

rc boat

VOLANTEXRC VectorXS High speed rc pool boat is one of the fastest pool boat, top speed reaching 20MPH. With Self-righting and reverse features, it is much easier for adults and kids to run without worries. Get it to enjoy the fun time with your family or friends.

Auto Self-righting Structure

Thanks to the special design, no need to turn the rc boat back by yourself, the boat will roll back would not float upside down in a well-charged condition.

Water-Cooled System

Water cooled system reduces the motor temperature and prevents it from overheating.

Box Size: 32*10.3*3.9in

rc boat rc boat rc boat rc boat
Vector30 Black Vector30 Red VectorXS Green VectorXS Yellow
Dimension 11.8*3.1 inch 11.8*3.1 inch 11.8*3.1 inch 11.8*3.1 inch
Max Speed 20MPH 20MPH 20MPH 20MPH
Running Time About 10 minutes About 10 minutes About 10 minutes About 10 minutes
Control Range 328ft/100m 328ft/100m 328ft/100m 328ft/100m
Auto Self-Righting
Reverse Function

SONIKRC VOLANTEXRC Remote Control Boat RC Boat for Pool and Lake

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