$4 One Blue Deck- Royal Plastic Playing Cards w/Star Pattern Toys Games Games Accessories $4 One Blue Deck- Royal Plastic Playing Cards w/Star Pattern Toys Games Games Accessories Deck-,Toys Games , Games Accessories,w/Star,Pattern,One,Plastic,Cards,/fellowheirship1838196.html,Royal,Playing,Blue,$4,femsfeestje.nl Deck-,Toys Games , Games Accessories,w/Star,Pattern,One,Plastic,Cards,/fellowheirship1838196.html,Royal,Playing,Blue,$4,femsfeestje.nl One Blue Deck- Max 73% OFF Royal Plastic Cards Star Pattern w Playing One Blue Deck- Max 73% OFF Royal Plastic Cards Star Pattern w Playing

One Blue Deck- Max 73% OFF Royal Time sale Plastic Cards Star Pattern w Playing

One Blue Deck- Royal Plastic Playing Cards w/Star Pattern


One Blue Deck- Royal Plastic Playing Cards w/Star Pattern

Product description

These brand-new 100% all plastic playing cards are of exceptional quality. They are good for poker or any other standard card game. They are also available as red deck (item number 10-PLASTIC1R) or as a set (item number 10-PLASTIC1)The measure approximately 3 7/16 in. X 2 1/4 in. in size. They are also available with a cross pattern on them ( see products 10-PLASTIC2, 10-PLASTIC2B, 10-PLASTIC2R)

One Blue Deck- Royal Plastic Playing Cards w/Star Pattern

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