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HALSTON Women's Long Sleeve Button-Down Pleating Fixed price for sale Max 67% OFF with Shirtdress

HALSTON Women's Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirtdress with Pleating


HALSTON Women's Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirtdress with Pleating

Product description

Long sleeve button down cotton shirtdress with delicate pin tucking detail at the front bodice

Vestido de manga larga con botones de algodón con detalle delicado en el corpiño delantero

חולצת כותנה מכופתרת עם שרוולים ארוכים עם סיכה עדינה באזור החזה הקדמי

Langärmeliges Hemdkleid aus Baumwolle mit Knopfleiste und zarten Nadelsteck-Details am vorderen Mieder.

Vestido de manga comprida de algodão com botões e detalhes delicados na frente do corpete



앞면 보디스에 섬세한 핀턱 디테일이 있는 긴소매 버튼 다운 면 셔츠 드레스

HALSTON Women's Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirtdress with Pleating


Shri Bhaskar Sarma, IAS

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