$35 Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics Adapter (CSV-2300D) Electronics Computers Accessories (CSV-2300D),to,DVI-I,$35,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Graphics,Club3D,Adapter,3.0,femsfeestje.nl,USB,/isthmus1810507.html $35 Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics Adapter (CSV-2300D) Electronics Computers Accessories Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics CSV-2300D discount Adapter Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics CSV-2300D discount Adapter (CSV-2300D),to,DVI-I,$35,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Graphics,Club3D,Adapter,3.0,femsfeestje.nl,USB,/isthmus1810507.html

Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics CSV-2300D discount Adapter Max 49% OFF

Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics Adapter (CSV-2300D)


Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics Adapter (CSV-2300D)

Product description


The SenseVision USB 3.0 to DVI Graphics Adapter is the easiest way to add a DVI-I Monitor, TV or Projector to an existing Desktop or Laptop via a single USB 3.0 Port. It works as a USB Powered external Video Card with a compact design and is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to boost their productivity by expanding their desktop space. Once the driver has been installed, the USB attached monitor can be used immediately without rebooting your system. Up to 6 USB displays are supported simultaneously under Windows. Max 2 under Apple OS X While the USB 3.0 to DVI Graphics Adapter is designed for USB 3.0, it's backwards compatible with USB 2.0

From the manufacturer

Club3D USB 3.0 to DVI-I Graphics Adapter (CSV-2300D)

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    why crush my game (csgo) and it doesn t work..? someone can help me ?  

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