LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Addition In a popularity S QUIZMO Advantage $14 LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Advantage QUIZMO Addition S Toys Games Learning Education $14 LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Advantage QUIZMO Addition S Toys Games Learning Education Addition,S,-,femsfeestje.nl,Learning,8239,ADVANTAGE,$14,Advantage,LEARNING,Toys Games , Learning Education,QUIZMO,/leecheater1810973.html Addition,S,-,femsfeestje.nl,Learning,8239,ADVANTAGE,$14,Advantage,LEARNING,Toys Games , Learning Education,QUIZMO,/leecheater1810973.html LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Addition In a popularity S QUIZMO Advantage

LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Addition In a popularity S QUIZMO NEW Advantage

LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Advantage QUIZMO Addition S


LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Advantage QUIZMO Addition S

Product description

The QUIZMO Addition amp; Subtraction game provides practice, reinforcement and challenge in key math areas. Teach children addition and subtraction and increase their basic math abilities with this engaging game!

This bingo-style activity is a fun, entertaining way to excite kids to learn. Kids will use plastic markers to match answers with their addition or subtraction problems. The winner gets to yell “QUIZMO”!

Get twice the value! QUIZMO Addition amp; Subtraction includes 40 double-sided game boards with addition on one side and subtraction on the other. You decide which side to play.

The red and blue, color-coded calling cards double as flash cards with our Extended Activity options. Or create your own spin on this essential educational game!

QUIZMO Addition amp; Subtraction can accommodate 2-40 players. It’s perfect for centers, classrooms, home or anywhere with active minds!

Game includes:
40 double-sided game boards
- 100 double-sided calling cards
- Plastic markers

LEARNING ADVANTAGE - 8239 Learning Advantage QUIZMO Addition S

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