femsfeestje.nl,/leecheater1871773.html,TS9,4G,$4,to,Adapter,Antenna,LTE,Connector,Connec,Electronics , Computers Accessories,SMA,Bingfu,Female Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter Ranking TOP16 TS9 to Connec Female SMA Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter Ranking TOP16 TS9 to Connec Female SMA femsfeestje.nl,/leecheater1871773.html,TS9,4G,$4,to,Adapter,Antenna,LTE,Connector,Connec,Electronics , Computers Accessories,SMA,Bingfu,Female $4 Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter SMA Female to TS9 Connec Electronics Computers Accessories $4 Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter SMA Female to TS9 Connec Electronics Computers Accessories

Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter Ranking Max 48% OFF TOP16 TS9 to Connec Female SMA

Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter SMA Female to TS9 Connec


Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter SMA Female to TS9 Connec

Product description

Impedance: 50 ohm;
Connector: SMA Female Bulkhead Mount to TS9 Plug Connector;
Cable: 15cm RG174 Cable
Package List: 2 x Cable;(As the Picture Shown)

Compatible with:
4G LTE Modem, Mobile Broadband Router Hotspot;
4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi Router, Pocket Hotspot;
4G LTE USB Modem Dongle Adapter;

Bingfu 4G LTE Antenna Connector Adapter SMA Female to TS9 Connec

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