femsfeestje.nl,Luna,Tw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Individual,41x60,Use,Kids,-,$32,Blanket,Weighted,7,-,-,/mealywing1871465.html,-,Lbs Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Price reduction Individual 7 Tw Lbs Use 41x60 $32 Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Individual Use - 7 Lbs - 41x60 - Tw Home Kitchen Bedding $32 Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Individual Use - 7 Lbs - 41x60 - Tw Home Kitchen Bedding Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Price reduction Individual 7 Tw Lbs Use 41x60 femsfeestje.nl,Luna,Tw,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Individual,41x60,Use,Kids,-,$32,Blanket,Weighted,7,-,-,/mealywing1871465.html,-,Lbs

Luna Kids Weighted 40% OFF Cheap Sale Blanket - Price reduction Individual 7 Tw Lbs Use 41x60

Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Individual Use - 7 Lbs - 41x60 - Tw


Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Individual Use - 7 Lbs - 41x60 - Tw


Product Description

Luna provides a combination of cloud-like breathable fabric and a deep pressure for dreamlike sleep
Luna Weighted Blankets contain 8 secure ties to fasten onto a match comfort for easy cleaning
Breathable and equally distributed so you won't have to worry about overheating or beads shifting
Blankets are between 8 to 10% of your bodyweight. Unsure? Choose a one size down.
Smaller than normal comforters. King is only for sharing. Choose Queen or King if you're 6 feet tall


Luna Weighted Blanket Set Bundle Luna Sherpa Weighted Blanket Bamboo Luna Weighted Blanket Luna cotton cover for weighted blanket Luna bamboo cover for weighted blanket Luna minky fleece polyester cover
Weighted Blanket Bundle (1 Fleece + Cooling Cover) Fuzzy Sherpa Weighted Blanket Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket Cotton Cover for Weighted Blanket Cooling Bamboo Cover for Weighted Blanket Polyester Fleece Minky Cover for Weighted Blanket
Colors amp; Patterns Various Colors Available Various Colors Available Various Colors Available Various Colors Available Various Colors Available Various Colors Available
Sizes Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King Child, Twin, Full, Queen, King

Luna Kids Weighted Blanket - Individual Use - 7 Lbs - 41x60 - Tw


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