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Kizer Pocket Folding Knife Super Special SALE held Mini Mail order Tita Flipper Sheepdog C01C

Kizer Pocket Folding Knife Mini Sheepdog C01C Flipper Knife Tita


Kizer Pocket Folding Knife Mini Sheepdog C01C Flipper Knife Tita

Product Description

Ki3488A1 Ki3488A2 Ki3488A3 Ki4488 V3488C1 V5488C1
Ki3488A1 Ki3488A2 Ki3488A3 Ki4488 V3488C1 V5488C1
Blade Length 2.625" 2.625" 2.625" 3.25" 2.63" 4"
Overall Length 5.77" 5.77" 5.77" 7.75" 5.77" 9.25"
Weight 3.25 oz. 3.25 oz. 3.25 oz. 6.17 oz. 3.17 oz. 9.15 oz.
Blade Material CPM-S35VN CPM-S35VN CPM-S35VN CPM-S35VN 154CM 154CM
Handle Material Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium G-10 G-10
Lock Type Frame Lock Frame Lock Frame Lock Frame Lock Liner Lock Liner Lock

Kizer Pocket Folding Knife Mini Sheepdog C01C Flipper Knife Tita

About Us

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